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Welcome to the

Heritage Project

Welcome to Heritage.

The Heritage project comes from the idea of a shared vision to rebuild a new Africa by Africans.

We believe in an Africa capable of subsisting on its own by putting technology as a central vector of development that accelerates ideas into concrete actions on all fronts.

We also aim to make accessible the technologies of change to support each other's initiatives with the objective of unlocking the strong potential that lies dormant within us.

All of this can only be possible through the promotion of an open culture without discrimination of age, gender, nationality, religion, political affiliation, or any other form of belief. An inclusive culture without borders across the continent.

Express yourself with confidence. We demand neutrality and transparency from our associates and partners defining the basis under which our critical infrastructures were built on to defend and protect your creativity on the public domain.

Heritage is our contribution to a new united and committed Africa for future generations.

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